Core Values

The core values of Refresco Benelux are the founding principles of our organization and they influence how we differentiate ourselves / think and act. Every Refresco Benelux employee is guided in their daily work – in every functional area – by the following five values:


Market focused

We understand the market and use this knowledge effectively to benefit our customers and ourselves. We aim to be the preferred supplier in business for our customers. We realize that our products carry the names of our customers and we act on their behalf. That’s why we must put them at the center of our activities.

If we serve them in the best possible way, their business will grow. And when they grow, our business will flourish too.



Our culture and business is based on entrepreneurship. We see ourselves as a winning team highly results driven and focused on goals. We recognize opportunities and move fast to grasp the potential benefit. Our mindset is very hands-on and can-do.

We relish challenge and our reward is achievement. In other words, we enjoy doing and we enjoy winning.



As one of the leading companies in our industry we take our responsibilities with regard to health & safety, sustainability and environmental issues very seriously.

We are highly driven to continuously improve the sustainability of our supply chain. We strive to achieve open, transparent and honest communication.



We are in a fast moving, dynamic business. To stay ahead we need the courage to

innovate and push the limits in our processes and business activities. We encourage our employees in finding new and alternative ways of working and improving our standards. Innovation is in every product and process and in every person too.



We are constantly looking for improvements to make things better. We promote cooperation between our companies in order to share best practices wherever

possible. We strive for excellence in our products, production, service and most of all our people. Excellence will keep us ahead in everything we do.